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Sam Walker

Musical Director

Sam has been teaching music and playing professionally for the last 30 years in establishments ranging from top private schools, cruise ships, jazz clubs and music colleges, across a large private student nucleus.    

Throughout his teaching career he has been driven to help students or participants to achieve their very best. He carries a strong belief that music has the power to change lives, to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people. 

Todd Brown

Commercial Director

Despite his passion for music, and specifically bass playing, Todd realised many years ago that he’d best focus his professional talents on the business world. Todd has founded and run businesses in the US, UK, and Europe, and is thrilled to be working with Sam to make JBR a reality.


Todd holds an MBA from New York University, which doesn’t help his bass playing at all.

Guitar Set


The Jazz and Blues Retreats feature professional and sessions musicians whose careers have spanned decades. Regarded as some of the top musicians in their field, especially in the jazz, blues, pop and rock genre, our tutors are also very experienced educators, teaching at various top music colleges and universities as well as hosting their own workshops.


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Image by Ryan Loughlin
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